Monday, October 15, 2012

Do You Stay in the Picture?

I saw an interview the other day that really struck me.  It was an interview of Allison Tate, a "mom blogger" who wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled, "Mom Stays in the Picture."  Her article reminds us that we really need to stay in the picture, not only to document that we really were at the holidays, vacations and major events of our families, but even more importantly. . . to document how we show our love as moms to our children.  It's easy to scrapbook all the photos of our kids and they love to see themselves in their scrapbooks.  But there will come a day when they will look for your photos too.  I doubt they will notice if you curled your hair, or put your make-up on . . . but they will notice how you looked at them, how you hugged them and how you laughed with them.  Doubt it?  Just think about the photos that you treasure from your childhood and the people most important to you.   This has been a "aha" moment for me and I hope for you too.  Let's make a better effort to put ourselves in the picture of our kids' lives.  Click here to read Allison Tate's article - I highly recommend it!

Here is the last time I stayed in the picture.  It was George's birthday party in August.

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