Color Palette of 40 Colors!
Our color palette now includes 40 colors plus White Daisy and Colonial White. The core of the palette was determined based on trends, sales, and how each color fits into the spectrum overall. The colors are now divided into four groups of ten plus white daisy and colonial white. The two whites are available in cardstock, inkpads, and re-inkers and all of the additional colors are also available in markers and in sets of NEW pigment inks!

New Pigment Inks
-Available in sets of ten mini-pigment cubes- one collection for each color group.
-Use our new stamp scrubber to clean the pigment ink off your stamps.
-Takes time to dry or “set.”  Can use the heat tool to speed drying, or with clear or color embossing powders. 
-Looks great when used to distress paper edges – creates unique, soft and smooth look
- When stamping an image that doesn’t quite match our paper, use the ink to completely cover a lighter shade paper to match stamped images.  For instance, rub the edge of one of the papers used to layer or rub pad over Cricut image to match stamped papers – creating your own new color!   

Dye Based Inks
Pigment Inks
Alcohol markers
Soaks into the surface and binds with the paper
Sits on top of the paper and covers the paper
Alcohol dries quickly keeping the color no matter how many times you go over it.
Dries faster because it soaks into the paper
Take a longer time to dry
Each shade of color is retained, allowing you to highlight without changing the color
Can fade over time
Resists sunlight & fading

Recommend using pigment ink if your project will be in the sunlight
Use pigment ink to stamp the image and allow to dry before using alcohol markers to color in.
Water based inks do not dry on a non-porous surface.
Need pigment ink if you plan on stamping on dark colors
Dual Tipped; blender marker takes color away.
Can be blended with water
Solvent based inks cannot be blended with water.  Therefore coloring with markers works great!
Will run if spritzed with alcohol after it’s dried.
Store horizontally
Felt Pad
Foam Pad
Not Reinkable
Do not use with alcohol markers.

Can use Black Archival pad to ink image before coloring in.

When is it best to use pigment ink and when is it best to use dye ink? Find out the answer along with even more helpful tips to make your stamped images perfect for the occasion!

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