Monday, October 28, 2013

Team Artwork- Pat Boswell's Christmas Tree

Sharing some team artwork this morning.  This beautiful Christmas tree was created by team member Pat Boswell.  Here's what she said, "This weekend I had a great time making this Christmas Tree from spare paper packs.  It was great fun!  I used hot glue for this project and five 12x12 sheets of paper, plus one white sheet for the snow flakes. I started with 2", then progressed ¼ of an inch all the way to the top.  A few rows were the same size.  I assume you could play with this to create even a larger bottom.  And decor the top any way you want.   
The cricut  Artiste Cartridge was great to use.  I would guess using the new holiday paper, this would turn out even better.  Super Fun!  Just wanted to share."
Thanks so much for sharing Pat!  Love this tree!

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