Thursday, September 26, 2013

CTMH Artbooking - Halloween Mini-Album

I have a friend who loves celebrating Halloween, especially in Disneyland!  For her birthday, I created a special Halloween circle mini-album.  Happy Birthday Linda!  Here are the photos and directions:

Artbooking Cricut Cartridge, 6x6 Halloween Mini-Album, p. 54-55
Most of the cricut cuts are from these two pages.  
Set the dial size at 6" for all cuts unless otherwise noted.

Supplies:  Laughing Lola Paper Packet, Whisper, Sunset & Slate Cardstock, 
Sponging with CTMH Slate Stamp Ink, Misc. Halloween-themed ribbons.

Cuts:  p. 54, Photo Mat 2 in Black CS, Photo Mat 1 in Laughing Lola Gold CS, 
p. 55 Title in Laughing Lola Purple CS
Bats:  p. 71, Slate CS, Real Dial Size to make them 2 different sizes
Pumpkin:  Sunset CS, Real Dize Size
"Happy:" Stamped piece from Whisper CS
Binding:  Leopard print zip strip from Laughing Lola printed paper

Web: p.54 Overlay in Slate CS
Spiders:  Shift Overlay in Black, 2 additional spiders with Real Dial Size
Mats:  Sunset CS, Slate CS and White CS

Skelton & Crossbones:  p. 54 Icon in Laughing Lola Gold
Web page:  p. 55 Photo Mat 1 cut in Laughing Lola Paisley Print on Slate CS p. 54 Photo Mat 1
Boo:  p.54, Title in Laughling Lola Purple

 PAGES 5-6
Graveyard scene:  Black CS p. 54 Photo Mat 2, I added a few more gravestones cut by hand out of some of the Laughing Lola prints.  Moon from circle cut out of Laughling Lola print.
Pumpkin:  Sunset CS, p.55 Photo Mat 2

 PAGES 7-8
Candy page border:  Laughing Lola snakeskin print, p. 55 Shift Photo Mat 2
Spiral:  Laughing Lola purple print, p. 55 spiral
Candy:  Laughing Lola stripe print, p. 55 candy
I added clear sparkles to the candy centers.
Trick or Treat:  Laughing Lola Gold, p. 55, Title

 PAGES 9-10
Fence:  Slate CS, p.54 Border
Owl:  Black CS, p.54 Shift Border
Cat:  Black CS p. 54 Shift Icon
I added orange sparkles for owl eyes & cat collar

Mouse:  Select "FLIP" key, Slate CS, p.55 Shift Overlay

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  1. beautiful album. I like the cutouts and colors you used. I just got this cart and have a Halloween album on my list to make.