Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greeting Cards in Your Scrapbooks

A friend just asked me for some ideas on how to include greeting cards in her scrapbook.  She is creating a wedding album for her daughter and wants to include the bridal shower and wedding cards her daughter has received.  Here are some ideas I shared with her - maybe they will be helpful for you too!

If you want to include the whole card:
--Create a 6x12 cardstock pocket on your 12x12 cardstock base.  Place it in our 12x12 (top loading) Memory Protector and you'll be able to take the cards in and out of your scrapbook easily.

If you want to focus on the messages written inside your cards, here are more ideas:
--Crop the written messages to 4x6 size and place them in our Photo Storage pages or in a Flip Flap Memory Protector (these come in various sizes).  It would be nice to have photos of wedding or shower guests and their written messages together in a scrapbook.

--Crop the written messages and create a collage 12x12 page with a cardstock base.

--I have also used our True Fit Folios in my scrapbooks - these are shaped like 12x12 file folders.  Each year, I receive photo Christmas cards from family and friends and want to include them in my scrapbook.  I crop the photos down, adhere them -- collage style -- to the front and back sides of our True Fit Folios.  You can also put special cards that you don't want to cut up INSIDE the True Fit Folio.  Then slip the entire True Fit Folio inside one of our Memory Protectors and place in your scrapbook.

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Happy Scrapping!

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