Monday, September 17, 2012

Stamped Candles

I really enjoyed visiting with friends at my CAbi party last week, so I wanted to create a "thank you" for everyone.  I created these stamped candles with glittery fall leaves.

To Create Your Own Stamped Candles, here are the steps:
1.  Start with a white candle.
2.  Stamp images on white (wrapping) tissue paper.  Cut around each image, leaving 1/4" border around the images.
3.  Use the CTMH Bonding Memories glue pen to place dots of glue around the 1/4" border of each image and place flat on the candle.  You may overlap the images.  I brushed some CTMH Almond colored Glitz Glitter Gel over the leaves for some sparkle.
4.  Melt a protective layer of wax over the top of the images with wax paper.  Cut wax paper the height of the candle.  Hold the wax paper tightly over the candle and heat with your CTMH heat tool.  You will see the tissue paper disappear as the wax melts.  Keep the heat tool moving and melt the wax over all the images.

More Ideas:  Stamped snowflakes, stars, Christmas trees, florals, flourishes.
Would you and your friends like to make these?  Contact me to schedule a Stamped Candle Workshop.

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  1. Love it, what a great idea!!! We have nominated your blog for a Leibster Award. Check out our blog post to see how to accept! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Friends, Mary and Rachel